Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sweet feet
These are some of the sweetest feet I have ever met. They belong to my daughter. They are tiny and delicate, the perfect portrait of a little girl. She will tell you they are stinky, but I don’t think so, no amount of smell could ever make these feet stinky. They are feet that walked into Kindergarten by themselves like a big girl, and feet that will spend many a day in ballet shoes this Fall. They are the same feet that will also walk her into her first day of high school, and the same feet that will someday walk her down the aisle to meet the man who swept her off of her feet. These feet are special to me. I pray for these little feet every day. That every day they will lead her closer and closer to God, and that they are feet that never have to walk alone unless they want to. I pray for these sweet feet to have endless adventures in the green green grass and always be happy even in un-cute shoes, LOL! If these feet could talk, I hope they would say we are happy and free, we love to dance and play, and we will run after our Savior to the end of our days! I love you sweet little baby girl feet, may God bless you always.

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