Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Crazy Ideas!!! Toes that Talk!

Crazy ideas! Yes, I come up with some crazy ideas! But standing in the bathroom this morning, drying my hair, I peered down at my toes. My mind wandering as it usually does, I sat there thinking about what someone might think about me if the only saw my toes. Would the blue sparkly polish make them think I was 16, would the chip in the polish on the big toe make them think I'm lazy, would they know the calluses on the sides are from my ballet dancing years, or would they think I was a runner? Feet can say an awful lot about us, for the good or the bad! But, I beleive there is more to the story. So, my crazy ideas comes to life, what would my feet say if they could talk? Would they tell you about the times they ran barefoot through the grass, or the times they got cooped up in high heeled shoes all day, or the time they squished in the sand at the beach, or even the time they graced the bottom of a dancefloor, or the time they were scarred and wanted to run away. Yes, feet have many many stories to tell. And this is their time to shine!

My Mission: Photograph as many amazing women's and girl's feet as will let me, and let them tell the story their feet would tell if they could talk. Completely anonymous, unless you can identify them by thier feet that is. No names, no faces, just feet, toes, and a story. Stay tuned, this should be fun!

I have a few people in mind already, but if you want to participate, shoot me an email and I'll be glad to photograph and document those sweet little toes of yours!

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